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Our 3 poles

We give high value to the people & companies that are connected to us & that can influence our offer.We are not just a supplier, we are dedicated to the success of our clients; our professional snack food advisors are available to assist you to manage any snack project.

The result of this close collaboration between our customer, suppliers and our employees is a large range of new innovative snacks with health benefits. We believe in long term relationship with our partners in order to create new opportunities.

What we do for you

We can help navigate you through any part of the process;

Create a custom formula, design a plan from concept to completion, or simply produce your snack with your formula to your specifications.

We offer a complete solution;

We provide the total Private Label process cycle, planning, nutritional data, production, packaging and boxing.

It all starts with an understanding of the consumer needs.
We work in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. A deep awareness of a customer’s brand and its essence is an essential component of the development process.
A proficiency in revelant health claims and the ingredients that drive the consumer benefit is critical. All of these elements come together in our Research and Development department.
Our commitment to Innovation is evident in the continual investment in knowledge, development, equipment and people.

“We believe that we need to open our minds, to listen to our partners, customers and the market in order to develop the best product”

“Quality is not only about the food safety, it’s also about everything we do. The way we communicate & act in every moment of the process.”

What’s the quality?

We are continuously aiming for an excellent quality.
Our aim is quality Snack products that meet all Food Safety and Quality standards. Our QA Team is continually on duty performing ongoing analysis to ensure that your products are both safe and consistent and meet our quality standards.

We regularly inspect incoming raw materials and monitor the shelf life prior to use in production. We maintain complete records of each production run and shipments for full traceability by lot code.

What we do for you

Our Production plan is certified ISO 22000, and we maintain all the required safety programs and quality systems: HACCP, Allergens, Recall Program, Complete Product Traceability, On Site Security Systems, Filters, In Line Metal Detectors, Fill Weight Monitoring…

We develop completely new products for you upon request. We incorporate your individual wishes and our kno

Our Great Team


  • Avi Leshem
    Avi Leshem
  • Sophie Raveschot
    Sophie Raveschot
    Sales manager
  • Pino Amara
    Pino Amara
    Quality manager

  • Carine Leroy
    Carine Leroy
    Logistic manager
  • Mike Bazin
    Mike Bazin
    Quality assistant
  • Hagit Leshem
    Hagit Leshem
  • Dortu Gaëtan
    Dortu Gaëtan
    Technical Manager
  • Romain Rosier
    Romain Rosier
    R&D Manager





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  • Nutradia is specialized in innovative snacks

    We at Nutradia believe that you can enrich your life by consuming products that are delicious but also Healthier for you.

    Wide Range of “Better-for-you” Snacks with Nutritional Benefits.

  • The team

    General Manager Avi Leshem

    Sales Manager Sophie Ravenschot

    Quality Manager Pino Amara

    Logistic Manager Carine Leroy

  • Contact

    Rue du Bourrie 14a
    5300 Seilles (Andenne)

     +32 (0) 85 71 45 00